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More animals dead… January 29, 2011

Back on January 4th and 5th, we looked at the strange and widespread animal deaths that came with the New Year. Here now is a follow-up that sorta summarizes things to date. Note, however, that no substantive answers have been found and that the reason given for the death of the 200 cows on a Wisconsin farm just seems rather funky… but then, the true truth of such things may only be known by scientists. I wonder, where are their voices?

UPDATE: February 2, 2011: More fish dead in Arkansas


Where there is Smoke… January 5, 2011

Two more news reports —  these from ‘outside’ our nation — about the dead birds and dead fish in Arkansas and elsewhere. This one alleges that “tonnes of the poisonous gas Phosgene” — a lethal chemical weapon used by the military which causes the lungs to explode and has been stored for disposal at Pine Bluff —  are being pumpped by our own military down the injection wells (in the Fayetteville Shale ‘gas-play’ region of Arkansas), that seepage and/or mishandling accidents with these chemical caused the bird & fish deaths and that the injection process itself is responsible for the earthquakes.

Of course everybody ‘spins’ to aggrandize their own predisposition, however there is still truth to the saying that where there is smoke there is fire… and where there is someone blowing smoke, there is a coverup.  This article delves the wonders of HAARP — a U.S. military program aimed at controlling the weather (and other things) — which has  (by other sources) been alleged as a possible culprit in the massive kill-offs.

UPDATE: A Youtube video goes into great detail about HAARP technology (which does have some very malevolent uses — but only, of course, for use ‘against our enemies’) and the reference list of documentation is extensive. Also, the author of the report strongly asserts that this HAARP technology is being ‘tested’ by our government, with plans to utilize this weaponry against us, the citizens.

Thing is, if we accept what is being asserted as ‘true’, what do we do about it?

The only answer that makes sense to me is to get busy managing the affairs of our government. Get informed about such things as HAARP… it is OUR tax dollars at work, you know. And sadly, most of the people holding office know LESS about this stuff than we do… So we must EDUCATE them, and to do that we’ve got to educate ourselves…

Which is a shame, isn’t it? That we spend so much (tax) moolah paying the salaries of people who seem to have arrived at their Peter Principle ‘level of incompetence’… I mean really, we have tremendous technology at our fingertips. And with all technology, it can be used to do great harm or great good. Why aren’t we — as a nation — tenaciously making use of our vast resources to make the world a better place for everyone? 

Is it because we are selfish… or scared…??? And if you say neither, then what is the reason? I’d love to hear…


Happy New Year (?) January 4, 2011

Dead birds, dead fish, gas-fracking and earthquakes

The area included in and to the north of the rectangle is replete with 'gas-fracking' operations and high-pressure 'waste-water disposal' injection wells. Click thumbnail for larger map.

Here in the magnificient Ozarks, the annual old/new year’s transition included dead birds and fish. Lot’s of them. In/near the communities of Beebe and Ozark, which are about 100 miles apart on a roughly east/west line that somewhat parallels I-40/U.S. 64 and encompasses a large stretch of the Arkansas River, whereupon — midway inbetween — sits the Arkansas Nuclear One power-plant generator, and which also happens to be the approximate southern boundry of that region of Arkansas which is in the process of being commercially exploited for Fayettville Shale ‘gas-play’ profits, whereto dozens of complaints are being lodged about fouled drinking water and cluster earthquakes.

Still, we can all start the New Year happy because the experts have concluded that the tens-of-thousands of dead animals probably died as the result of somebody setting off fireworks. And boys will be boys, you know <smile>.  So there is really no cause for alarm.

Does anyone out there ever seriously contemplate Orwell’s “1984”? It was on cable last night. I cried at the end.

The problem (for me) is that I understand all the dimensions, aspects and peculiarities of the (arrogant, abusive, derogatory) ‘machismo’ (boys will be boys, do as I say, but not as I do) mind-set too well… and have come to grips with the reality that people who are driven by ‘competition’ and ‘possessiveness’ have either yet to cognitively mature or have some form of psychological impairment, and are thus doing what they are doing as a sort of knee-jerk pavlovian/reptillian/instinctural “fight, flight, feast, fuck’ reaction… with NO true intellectual comprehension (ie: reason, logic, depth-perception) about ‘why’ such behavior is (in practice of fact) detrimental to everything they ‘say’ they wish to attain.

I understand that such folks live every moment in a ‘reality’ filled with ‘inverse-opposites’ — where they say one thing and do something completely different… and are proud to announce such deviations from an accorded ‘game plan’ as ‘brilliant and absolutely essential’ in order to ‘win’ whatever it is that is sought… however, if some other person were to do exactly the same thing… their head would be on a platter.

And because I understand all this (dysfunctional behavior) as a form of ‘disability’ I do my best to avoid such mine-fields… or at least dance my way through them… <smile>.  However, at some point, where the health and well being of more than one person is at stake, all those affected must have an equal voice in the decision-making process or else we (the citizens) are defacto living under the rule of a ‘dictatorship’…

Which is exactly and precisely ‘the core of the real problem’ we grapple with as a soicety today, whether it is the abject flummox delivered by the people we pay to be ‘experts’ on things like ‘fracking’, whether we pay them to protect and serve us with tax dollars, or directly out-of-pocket when we fill our cars with gasoline, their apparent oblivian to the harm they are wrecking economically, environmentally, and culturally, bespeaks of their own impotence.

And if we citizens fail to eradicate this ‘machismo’ (cover-up) of this obsessiively corrup problem from the microcosm of our everyday dealings, what hope is there for the whole of humankind? Which, by the way, is the point of “HOAX: Manifesto of the Marijuana Prisoners Committee To End the War On Drugs,” a 72-page PDF, authored by Inmate9, now available (free) at inmate9.blogspot.com .  ~~~