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RVing March 5, 2016

One of the great joy’s of having an RV is being able to go places, comfortably and easily. At least this is true for me. It’s not so much that it costs less than it would to travel by auto (or bus, plane or train) and stay in hostels, apartments or hotels… one can be a frugal or spendthrift traveler, no matter how one gets around.

What is great about RVing is the convenience of having a custom-convenience equipped studio apartment traveling along with you… so there is no packing and unpacking. At least not in the conventional motel-hopping sense.

There is, of course, the packing-up that must be done every time the mobile household is converted for use as a highway vehicle… and then converted back again when stopping overnight. Moreso even when moored to full-hookups and docked for several days or a week. And still, these routines can be managed pretty quickly and with no more effort than it would take to move into and out of  motel. Thus to me — and apparently to a whole lot of us — the trade-offs are more than worthwhile.


Once the fun begins (see my list of things I might like to do at the bottom of this page), finding a good place to park is at the top of my list and boondocking is a welcome means for reducing the cost of travel. Especially when the travel-plan of the moment calls only to get from point A to point B expediently and there is no need to stop at an RV park.

Today, many business, municipal, county, state and federal locations charge little to nothing for an overnight place to call home. Many Walmarts, military campgrounds, Camping Worlds, Flying J’s, Pilot Travel Plazas, TA Travel Centers, Cracker Barrels, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Sam’s Clubs, rest stops on Interstates, casinos, truck stops and hospitals, some private landowners, farmers, ranchers, vineyards and breweries greet self-contained RVs for a night or two, absolutely free.

For extended stays, there are many opportunities to ‘earn’ a site with full-hookups in exchange for doing chores like landscaping, bathroom cleaning or office work. Much of this work is seasonal, and some of it pays wages in addition to the RVsite.

Listed below are some of the many resources to find free or very thrifty places to camp and other resources useful to the Frugal RVer. Please contact a campsite directly for the most current information. And make sure to check out my list of places that look interesting at the end of this page… let me know if you have a favorite to suggest… <smile>


If you know of a site that should be listed here or find links that deserve updating, please email to Christine@gozarks.com 

ALWAYS contact a campsite provider/host directly for the most accurate information about fees, availability-dates and discounts.


America the Beautiful – the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass – admits the RV and passengers to various federal lands, recreation areas and campgrounds, some at no cost, some with a 50% reduction in standard rates:

Although only designated locations honor America the Beautiful Senior Pass (and it’s forerunner Golden Age Passport) discounts, nearly all campgrounds which offer any sort of discount to Seniors will accept it as proof of age-related eligibility.



Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, near Jasper, Arkansas. Has a week-long horseback riding program. Rents cabins — no mention of RVs. Would love to go horseback riding. Haven’t been since I was a kid.

Land of Oz at North Carolina’s Beech Mountain and a lot of other places on this Roadtrippers page look like fun.

More to come… see ya soon… <smile>