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REUNION April 1, 2016


RHS Bulldogs…!!!!

Updated September 17, 2016

To prepare for making decisions at our September 27 planning meeting (details below) for our RHS Class of 1967 Jubilee Reunion Banquet, please review:

Proposed Menu for Jubilee Reunion Banquet Buffet PDF.

Buffet Dinner Menu (options) PDF

Hors-d-ourves Menu (options) PDF

If  you have thoughts to share about which menu options YOU would like to see on our buffet banquet menu, PLEASE speak up now….!!!! This being our 50th anniversary (wow! what a hoot!!) reunion it is OUR time to strut our stuff and come together in some magical moments of making our own dreams come true….!!!

SO pretty-pleasetake a look at this updated PDF of the RHS Class of 1967 Roster. Make sure your name is listed, spelled correctly, and that the other info listed for you is also accurate. If corrections or additions are needed, and/or if you have ideas about what YOU would like to see on our banquet menu, please use the ‘comments’ space on our handy form (below, scroll down 1/2 page) or email Christine@gozarks.com

If this is your first visit to this page, please keep on reading  to learn all there is to know about what is happening with plans for the RHS Class of 1967 50th anniversary Reunion…. and how to get fully involved with the fun…!!!

September 27 Planning Meeting Announced (Posted September 13, 2016)

Wonderful news…!!! The next face-to-face planning meeting for our RHS Class of 1967 Jubilee Reunion will take place on Tuesday, September 27, 10am in the dining room area of Fellows Creek Golf Club, 2936 S. Lotz Rd, Canton, MI 48188; (734) 728.1300. Please RSVP via the form (scroll down 1/2 page below) or directly to Janice Wilbert so she will know how many plan on attending…!!!!

Be there or be square…!!! And for more info about what’s happening, make sure to browse the Archived notes, below.  Also, please help spread the word by printing, posting and sharing our flier…!!!

promo_flier(NOTE: JPG image at right is optimized for email sharing and social media posting. To grab a copy, simply right-click on image and ‘save picture as’. For a PDF version which is MUCH better if you wish to make printed copies, just click here to  open th4e PDF in a new window, then print directly from your screen or do the right-click and save-as thing to store on your computer for future use <smile>.)

Archived from August 26, 2016

Hi-dee-ho RHSers… not much is new in terms of reunion plans since our July 11 Update (archived below). However there has been some ancillary stuff getting done, such as this current RHS Class of 1967 Graduates & Friends Roster (click PDF to download, opens in a new window), which lists by name the folks we’ve heard from and those we have so far had no contact with.

For clarity, schoolchums who have been reported to us as deceased are designated with an (rip) next to their first name. Also FYI: so far we have email contact info for 25 individuals and a total of 44 folks have responded (via email, Classmates or Facebook) about their interest in attending this reunion with 16 saying ‘maybe’, 5 saying ‘no’, and 23 saying ‘yes’.

Also we’ve had an interesting experience with the page we set up on Facebook, the gist of which is that when our reunion planning group decided that it would be good to have a FB page our objective was to create a Facebook page that was NOT ‘owned by’ or associated with any one person.

After reading the FB rules, the Robichaud Graduates page was set up and, for a while, things were working just fine. Then suddenly, we got a notice from FB about there being an issue with the Robichaud Graduates name. Several of us reviewed this notice and none of us totally understood what, exactly, we were being requested to do, or why.

Still, we responded by following the instructions we were given by FB, making it clear to them what we wished to accomplish and requesting their assistance to make whatever changes were necessary for us to keep the Robichaud Graduates Facebook page a unique entity unto itself… with moderator duties shared among several people and pass-on-able to others over time… ie: NOT dependent upon any one single person to continue to exist…

Because this (as we have learned) has become a big impediment to connecting with our Class of ’67 schoolmates: that the person who was the keeper of the contact list for the last reunion has (as I understand it) passed on.

Thus our overarching objective to set up a ‘home base’ for ALL Robichaud Graduates and Friends… and then … from that base… set up or link to individual ‘groups’ wherein plans for specific reunions, events or other related activities could be made.

And we were right at the point of moving this next step forward (setting up groups) when the name-issue with Facebook came up… which now has left us pretty much where we did NOT intend to be: With the Robichaud Graduates page now in the name of one individual person, me, Christine Beems… simply because I was the person who did the initial Facebook set-up.

All of which is a very longwinded way of saying that I and we are open to collaboration with any Robichaud Grad or Friend who KNOWS about all this Facebook stuff and would be pleased to help straighten things out…

Until next time, <<<smiles>>> & (((hugs))) ~Christine

Archived from July 20, 2016

Just keeping everyone in the loop, re: RHS Class of 1967 Reunion  planners phone chat (Tuesday, July 12), with a brief review of topics covered and actions affirmed:

<> Participating in this conference call: Christine Beaudet-Burton, Christine Beems, Judy Hastings-Born, Mike ‘Doc’ Daksiewicz, Danny Moricz, Gary Morgan.

<> The afternoon of Sunday, September 17, 2017, is CONFIRMED with Fellows Creek Golf Club in Canton for our banquet. The preliminary guesstimate on cost per person is $30 to $35 each, which will include the use of the venue, a buffet menu of our choosing and other costs related to the banquet. Gary Morgan is in contact with the banquet manager and will get a list of options for our review.

<> Mementos, party favors, ‘gag’ awards, special ‘theme’ decorations and/or centerpieces were seen as nice but unnecessary with the focus being to keep costs down, keep things simple, and enjoy a comfortable time of dining and visiting. However, Tim Hibbler’s generous offer to take our photo at the banquet and provide us each with a copy was acknowledged and is warmly appreciated.

<> Mike Daksiewicz, who has taken on the duties of treasurer for this event, said that the cost of reserving a POBox (to receive mailed payments for banquet reservations) is $100 for one year. It was agreed to revisit this subject when we are ready to start accepting payment for reservations.

<> The idea of having a casual get-together at a facility such as Camp Dearborn (which offers RV campsites) was discussed and it was agreed that the idea was good but that a facility closer to the banquet site in Canton would be preferable. It was also agreed that it would be best to have someone from our group visit any site that was being considered to confirm that facilities are well-maintained and suitable to our needs. It was agreed that Christine Beaudet-Burton, Mike Daksiewicz and Christine Beems will work together to review suitable locations and make a recommendation.

<> It was also agreed that we should put together a list of ‘recommended’ motels that are nearby the banquet location.

<> It is tentatively planned to have another face-to-face meeting in Michigan sometime in September, however the date for this meeting has NOT yet been confirmed.

Remember that the majority of our organizing efforts are taking place on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012392970342 and via our email list which YOU can (if you have not already) sign-up for by completing the simple form further down this page <smile>.

That said, thanks so much for your enthusiastic interest for us to all have a really great party…!!!

Archived from July 11, 2016:

Hear ye, hear ye… Calling all Party Planners for the Robichaud High School Class of ’67 50th Anniversary Reunion… Our next phone chat is Tuesday, July 12, 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern…

Dial-in Number: (515) 739-1020, when prompted enter the ACCESS CODE: 311396#

We will be chatting about the menu and costs for our (Sunday, September 17, 2017) banquet; continuing to gather info for our RHS Class of 1967 Grads & Friends roster;  planning the decorating theme, program arrangement and mementos for the banquet; looking at other activities we’d like to include, ie: a casual get-together at Camp Dearborn.

To share your thoughts durig the upcoming phone-cat, once you come on the call, if there is ongoing conversation, I (Christine) will announce that someone has joined us (I get notified whenever someone new joins), briefly recap what has transpired, and ask the newcomer (you) to introduce self…
FYI: as the call moderator, I have an online interface that allows me to see how many people are on the call with each identified by their phone number… but NOT by their name… thus I would also ask, for the sake of clarity for all involved, that when any one of us starts to speak we self-identify by saying “this is (name)”… which I know may feel redundant but will absolutely make everything easier for each of us to follow and clearly understand.
PS: I think we ought to start collecting nominations for a 50th Anniversary theme song <smile>… How about, like the song says, let’s give ’em something to talk about!!!
In the interim… come visit with us and spread the word about our reunion plans on our Facebook Page dedicated to Robichaud Graduates …!!!
Archived from June 22, 2016

From Janice Wilbert Germann:
I want to thank the classmates who attended our 50th Planning meeting at the Box Bar in Plymouth yesterday.

Great progress was made towards our celebration. September 17, 2017 (Sunday), is the date. Please save this date for an afternoon of memories and friendships.

Our Place of celebration will take place at Fellows Creek Golf and Country Club in Canton, Mi.

Please pass this important information on to as many of the 1967 classmates. Let’s make our 50th Class Reunion one of the best parties to remember. ~Janice

Register on our Class Roster to receive updates about plans…!!!
Scroll-down to form, below… Thanks…!!!

Archived from June 14, 2016

From Gary Morgan:
Greetings Everyone,
Although you have not heard from me lately, I have been busy. Here is what’s up:

They are expecting us at the Box Bar in Plymouth, M at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, June 21.

I also made contact with Fellows Creek Golf Club in Canton, MI  about available dates and costs for our reunion banquet.
I am attaching PDFs of the Hors D’ourves Menu and the Buffet Dinner Menu for all of you to consider.  If I had the email addresses <hint-hint… scroll-down to response-form, below> for all of those attending the June 21 meeting I would send these to them, as well. And I will bring printed copies to look over next Tuesday, when we will review banquet fees, decide on a venue and confirm a date for our reunion banquet.
Also, we are invited to come to Fellows Creek for a tour after our meeting at the Box Bar, at perhaps 3 to 4 PM, when we may finalize our arrangements with them, given this is what we decide to do… which is what we will figure out when we get together…!!!
I am looking forward to seeing all of you (who are coming) on June 21!
~Gary Morgan

ARCHIVED, from May 28, 2016

Okay Buckaroos and Buckarooettes… <smile>… There is now a Facebook Page dedicated to Robichaud Graduates with the current mission of connecting the dots and SPREADING THE WORD about the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the RHS Graduating Class of 1967…!!!

We look forward to Friending YOU there…!!! Just remember to bookmark the page that you are on right now as you will always find the most current info about the Class of ’67 Reunion here.

Also, to help us keep track of class members and stay informed by email, please use our handy-dandy short form, at the end of the update, below. ~Christine

UPDATED May 24, 2016

FOLLOW-UP (on phone conf. below): I had a great conversation with Gary Morgan this afternoon.  Gary will be contacting Fellows Creek regarding dates and times for our Sunday afternoon/evening dinner party.  Those in Michigan that are interested in working on the planning of this party, please attend a planning meeting on Tuesday, June 21, 1:00 pm at the Box Bar, in Plymouth, Mi.
At this meeting we will discuss all that is needed in making this celebration a success. Gary will also fill us in on the dates available and actual time of day this party will get started.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  Remember this is our 50th Class Reunion.  ~Janice
PHONE CONFERENCE: There were 5 of us on the conference call last Thursday (May 19) night: Christine Beems, Michael Daksiewicz, Judy Hastings, Janice Wilbert and Danny Moritz. With the continuing support of Larry Peterson, Greg Chambers and Gary Morgan (who could not join this phone chat and remain involved) we decided several things:

Considering what Janice and others have been hearing, we narrowed the date-range for the reunion to July 16 / Aug. 20, 2017.

We decided to hold a ‘formal banquet’ on a Sunday afternoon.

We decided that, before we start promoting any reunion date — since the banquet seems to be the ‘main draw’ of those folks who have expressed interest to attend so far — that we must confirm the availability of the facility where the banquet is to be held.

It was agreed that http://www.fellowscreekgolf.com/banquets-weddings would be a suitable venue, and that Gary would be asked to check this out. Also, that any of us who wanted to look into this facility or any other was more than welcome to… with the objective to find out what dates they have available for a Sunday afternoon banquet between July 16 and August 20 of 2017 -and- what are the costs…???

It was agreed that Janice will coordinate a planning get-together in Michigan during the month of June (2016) when she will be visiting there and anyone interested should contact her directly.

It was agreed that it is (really) important for us to move forward with selecting a venue/date as quickly as possible because some venues are reserved a year in advance and many of our chums are already making travel plans for 2017.

It was agreed that we should start compiling a list of ‘things to do’
and making this list known among ourselves and others who may wish to

It was agreed that two items (in addition to checking-out a banquet venue and selecting a date) are on this list now:

<> Continuing to gather contact info for all of our old schoolchums
(and extending the invitation to attend to all RHS grads & friends
from the 1960s).
<> Creating a Facebook page for the RHS Class of 1967.

It was agreed that we would, for the time being, continue this planning process via email… with the 8 of us (listed above) being the ‘planning group’ which will take the lead in decision making, and that participation in the ‘planning group’ shall remain open to anyone who wants to help.

To make sure that we are able to stay in touch with each other, please send us your contact info via the form, below. If you are interested in helping organize reunion activities, and/or if you would like to participate in the planning meeting in Michigan next month, and/or would like to help moderate a Facebook page, please let us know in the ‘comments’ part of the form.  Thanks… and (((hugs))) ~Christine, Christine@gozarks.com

ARCHIVED from May 16, 2016
To all members and friends of the Robichaud High School Class of ’67… greetings schoolchums…

Our next phone chat is this Thursday, May 19… 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern… Dial-in Number: (515) 739-1020, when prompted enter the ACCESS CODE: 311396#

The thumbnail is that the Camp Dearborn idea works (see May 6 archive, below), at least in the sense of giving us a place to start and recognizing that not everyone will choose to stay at this location.

Also, that whatever plans we make now will be kept simple and casual (ie: no ‘group’ advance reservations) and trusting that, as more of us get involved, the overall event will grow to its own proportions.

The biggest challenge we face is getting the word out to all those who may wish to attend but are not in the Classmates loop… Which is a lot of us… <smile>. But one thing the last several weeks of organizing have proven is that it is going to take some diligent digging to make sure we connect with everyone.

In this interest, we will be setting up a Facebook page to help everyone stay in touch. If you would like to be involved with this and/or would like to help decide ‘when’ (what date) our 50th anniversary graduation party shall take place… please join our phone chat Thursday (info above) and/or fill out the form (above) so we can add you to the class roster and make sure that you stay informed!!!

ARCHIVED from May 6, 2016: We had a great phone-chat last evening, and will be dong it again on Thursday, May 12…  5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern…  Dial-in Number: (515) 739-1020, when prompted enter the ACCESS CODE:  311396#

There are some great ideas on the table for where and when to have our Reunion of the Half-Century  and if you would be so kind as to share your opinion, we could all start making our reservations <smile>.

For your consideration, there is a broad general proposal that our reunion be ‘headquartered’ at (a facility like) Camp Dearborn http://www.campdearborn.com, which offers (modestly priced) rental cabins and RV sites to accommodate those from out of state; provides a relaxing out-of-door atmosphere where folks can picnic, swim, grill burgers, toast marshallows and strum guitars ’round a campfire; furnishes a ‘group facility’ (with kitchen) and has outdoor pavilions so we can (if we want) all get together for a potluck lunch or talent show; and is (hopefully) a location that local (Michigan) residents would enjoy going to.

There are also suggestions to:

<> Hold a banquet at http://www.fellowscreekgolf.com/banquets-weddings

<> Have an informal get together at http://www.boxbarandgrill.com/

<> Have the reunion at the same time as some ‘local happening’ – such as the annual http://woodwarddreamcruise.com/ held each year the 3rd weekend in August – so that ‘out of towners’ have an extra-added incentive to come.

<> Do some type of group excursion (like a retro ‘class field trip’ <grin>) to Greenfield Village or the Henry Ford Estate.

Which, if we did ALL of this, would fill a 3-day agenda to the brim… However, in order to do any of this, the first step is YOU saying ‘yes’ – that YOU want to come, what things you would like to do, and selecting a date for us to have a great party.

ABOVE ALL ELSE… to stay informed as plans develop… SEND US AN EMAIL so that we can directly contact you…!!!!

Christine Beems, Arkansas, christine@gozarks.com
Janice Germann Wilbert, Florida, sassygermann@comcast.net
Larry Peterson, Florida, lapeters3.larry@gmail.com
Greg Chambers, Michigan, chambersgl@yahoo.com
Judy Born Hastings, Florida, Bornjudy@gmail.com
Gary Morgan, Michigan, morgangm@sbcglobal.net

Archived from May 5: Please look over the following statements (which came from our first phone chat April 11) and be ready to express your opinions and desires on any or all that you wish, because there are some truly awesome ideas already on the table for this magnificent happening and our next planning meeting will be the last round of querying to see what everybody wants to do before decisions about dates and places start to be written in cement <grin>….

Thus, keeping clearly in mind that decisions are made by those who show up, think about which of the following statements you agree (or disagree) with, don’t really care about, and what types of things that are NOT listed that you would like to do most…

  • I would like to see this reunion held in Michigan.
  • I would like to see this reunion held someplace other than in Michigan.
  • My ideal location for this reunion is: __________________ (region, state, town, venue, facility)
  • I would like this to be a 1-day / 1-event get together.
  • I would like this to be a 3-day / multi-event happening.
  • The ideal day(s) of the week for me to attend are: _____________________
  • The ideal time of year to have this gathering is_____________________ (season or month)
  • Dates in 2017 that I know I will NOT be able to attend ______________________
  • About entertainment, it is worth it to me for us to hire professional entertainment (dance-band, magician, dj/emcee).
  • I am a musician or have other entertaining talents, and would like to have some sort of improvisational jam-session or talent show.
  • About food, I would like to have a formal banquet
  • I would you like to have a casual potluck ‘bring-a-dish’ get together.
  • Not including transportation and accommodations, I would be willing to spend $_____ per person for one banquet meal and entertainment.
  • There will be _____ (how many) in my group.
  • We will be traveling by _______________ (auto, RV, plane, bus, train) to attend.

Thanks for your thoughtful consideration… we look forward to chatting with you and note for clarity that the following folks have each expressed a personal interest to attend and/or help coordinate plans for some sort of something during 2017… depending on when and where the festivities are to be held…

Christine Beems (Beems), Arkansas
Janice Germann (Wilbert), Florida
Larry Peterson (Peterson), Florida
Greg Chambers (Chambers), Michigan
Judy Born (Hastings), Florida
Gary Morgan (Morgan), Michigan
Debi DeCaen (Yermak), Michigan
Angela Romagnoli (Sweet), California
Sharon Kiebzak-pio (Kiebzak), Michigan

Please direct email questions to Christine@gozarks.com

Thanks and (((hugs))) ~Christine Beems

ARCHIVED: Announcement of first telephone planning conference: Monday, April 11

TIME: 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific
DIAL: (515) 739-1020, and when prompted, enter the following code on your keypad.
CODE: 311396#

Once you are connected with the call, please introduce yourself…!!! FYI: The line will be open 30minutes before the appointed time in case anyone wants to visit.

And of course the ‘big’ question we’ll want to consider is IF we want to have a get together… and, if the answer to that question is yes, what kind of get-together do we want to have…???

FYI: Several folks have shared comments by email and phone, and the general consensus so far is that just about any kind of party that ‘we’ (being whomsoever cometh together) choose to plan would be great. The two major concerns are ‘cost’ and ‘time’, ie:

From Larry Peterson: “Feedback from one or two of the past reunions complained about massive upfront costs to reserve indoor facilities with catering which were not fully covered due to people not paying for their tickets in advance. Further, I remember a couple of posts on Classmates that lauded a successful all class reunion at the park next to the High School. It seems that a less ridged, open, and more importantly, free event would stand the chance of success better than a formal affair. We could always make it pot luck or have vendors on-site to provide for food or just make it byo.”

Also, Janice Wilbert, who has been involved with organizing the last 4 class reunions, posted to her Classmates page that she “would love to form a committee for our 50th reunion. However, living in Florida makes it very hard. I enjoyed the 4 reunions that I was a part of. Marylon Adams Dickson, now lives out of state, the loss of Chris Purol, David Ruber and Ken Kneip, that only leaves Dave Quashine. We had a lot of fun organizing and putting things together. Quashine if you are out there please consider and I will do all I can to help. Let’s get together class of 67.”

Anyway, here is a list of stuff to be thinking about…

  • Date (time of year)
  • Venue (type of facility)
  • Menu (?restaurant, catered, potluck, picnic?)
  • Entertainment (are there still musicians among us?)
  • Advertising, Promotions & Networking (getting the word out: FB page, yahoo group, email list, etc.)
  • Reservations Management (lodging recommendations for out of towners)
  • ‘Memory Book’ commemorative ‘who is doing what’ update  (how do we do one?)
  • (What else…???)

How does that sound to you…???

Also consider that, according to Classmate stats, about 75% of us live in Michigan and the rest of us (which includes me) live ‘out of state’… so the sooner we come together with a plan, the better the chances for those who live some distance away to come…

For those who have connected with the page through Classmates, Larry Peterson — who is a paid member there — has volunteered to be a point of contact.

FYI: If anyone wants to get reacquainted before we begin chatting about options for date and venue, I will have the line open starting 30-minuted before the call time and look forward to visiting with you!

And just so you know, the consensus among everyone I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with so far is that it would be GREAT for all of us to come together and have ‘The Party of the Half-Century’…!!! And that the key to this success is figuring out what kind of a party we want to have!

I mean, this is our 50th and it would seem good to have some sort of fabulous celebration… but what does that look like to YOU…???

If you can’t make the conference call but would like to share your thoughts, follow the link to our ‘official’ reunion page on Classmates where, if you scroll down to the bottom of that page, there is a place to post comments.

Also, you are welcome to email me: Christine@gozarks.com

Sincerely, looking forward to chatting with you…!!!! (((hugs))) ~Christine