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About Gozarks August 7, 2009

Hello and welcome to my virtual home. My name is Christine Louise Beems. I am sixty-something  <smile>, a mother, a homemaker and a (retired) media & marketing management professional. Over a decade ago I conceptualized gozarks.com as a friendly, community-oriented, integrity-driven ezine. My homegrown publication made its online debut April 19, 2000 and except for one host-server-transfer bump in the road, has been continuously updated ever since.

Looking back to these humble beginnings, it could be said that gozarks was among the first of what are now called blogs. Of course the technology at that time was not so convenient as it is today. WordPress and other OpenSource applications are making big changes in the way website development things are done, which is much for the good.

No more must one learn HTML code or even know what a cascading style sheet (CSS) is in order to create an attractive, functional, feature-rich website. Now one can simply sign-up, login, and with nearly no effort post content (articles, graphics, video, music, etc.) directly online. This particular blog-site, for example, was created the morning of August 7, 2009, in less than two hours, which included selecting an overall design (from one of many templates), setting up various ‘categories’ to organize the various content-filled pages I am in the process of creating, publishing my first official editorial post and adding these comments to this About Gozarks page.

In light of these technological developments, my ‘retirement’ (in March of 2014) as a media & marketing service provider, and the wandering ways of my journalism,  gozarks too has evolved to ‘more’ than a community news journal (with an activist bent) to express more of what is personally important to me and, hopefully, be a ‘good example’ of how (in my strong opinion) things ought to work…  (((hugs))) ~Christine


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