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Projects November 19, 2015

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This last week has flown with productivity…!!! Getting lots of little things done on Louise, such as resealing the edge around the kitchen sink and giving the stove-lid a shiny coat of aluminum paint… See what you think:

Countertop edge around sink (before).


Countertop edge around sink (after).


Stovetop and sink (before).


Stovetop and sink (after)


May all of life’s little projects turn out so well… (((hugs))) ~Christine






5 Responses to “Projects”

  1. Linda Sand Says:

    Looks good!

    • gozarks Says:

      Thanks… Did the winterizing today, thanks to help from my daughter with decoupling the water pump which is in an awkward place and from my son with getting the drain plug out of the hot water tank was and was rusted… but he was able to get it loose… yea!!!

  2. Cat Lady Says:

    Did you replace the items (sink/stove, etc) or just give it a good cleaning? You did an outstanding job. Looks great!

    Cat Lady

    • gozarks Says:

      Nothing was replaced … just cleaned and painted with oil-based aluminum paint.

      • Cat Lady Says:

        That’s what I need to do then. What brand name of aluminum paint? If you can give more tips on how you did this, I’d really appreciate it. Did you use TSP to clean/prep the surface?

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