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enemies February 23, 2012

 The following came to my Inbox compliments of Simon Black, author of Soverign Man, who (if you take what he says at face value) makes a good living out of telling people what’s wrong with government, the economy, health care, the media, banking and finance, foreign policy, etc., etc., and so on… and then selling them his version of ‘the answer’.

Please, do observe:

The war you won’t hear about in the media

There’s a war going on that you’ll never hear about on the nightly news.

This war poses, by far, the largest immediate threat to you, your family and your future well-being.

And provided you take no action to protect yourself, this war could very well alter the quality of your life forever.

But this war is not being fought against some unseen enemy on the far side of the globe.

This war, dear reader, is being fought against you.

You are the enemy.

Your way of life is the enemy. And your belief in your freedom to live that life as you see fit is in the cross hairs of a government desperate to maintain the status quo.

Your freedom is being destroyed. But it’s happening slowly so as not to stir the masses hypnotized by their TV and video game lifestyle.

During the collapse of an empire, freedom doesn’t disappear in a blink. As we can all see by the events around us, it disappears very slowly. Little by little, laws are enacted that remove it.

One day, there’s nothing left.

That’s the point at which people will wake up and start to freak out.

The goal of this message is to make sure YOU are not one of those people.

[sales pitch removed]

To your sovereign freedom,

Simon Black

Word-crafted rhetoric, homed to an invisibly transparent purpose, parsed with precision pronouncements all pitching to do one job: Sell a product.

Simon has something he wants you (anybody, somebody) to purchase. He wants to trade something he has for something you’ve got. 

His singularity is motivating you to ‘buy’ and he is using every manner of logic and persuasive (gravitational) cunning to pull you across his event horizon, punctuating each participle to stress every adverb that will help close the deal. 

Such is the distilled essence of all that we call ‘capitolism’, which — some would say — is the backbone of healthy free-market economies and the bedrock of global prosperity and peace. So, we wonder, why does Simon chronically tell us ‘how bad things are’ and blast us with info about why things are not working, and then offer to ‘sell’ us his ready-made solution for precluding such woes lest they befall us, ‘the enemy’, ourselves. 

That is, if Simon really does have a solution — a better way of doing things than free-market exchange — why isn’t he giving (yes giving) all of us a free lesson in the subject-matter. Why isn’t he — having (supposedly) found ‘the way to a better life’ — explaining this passage, step-by-step; handing out ‘maps’ out of the goodness of his heart? 

Does it matter…???

What do you think… Lemme know. 

“America: Love it or fix it…”



3 Responses to “enemies”

  1. Day Brown Says:

    Why doesnt everyone already know about LFTR? Zeitgeist?

  2. Danita Says:

    I always wondered about that. If a person comes up with a wonderful and simple, doable solution to a problem, why would they not share it to make a better world? Why does it always have a pricetag? That’s when I turn the page. Same goes for Dr.s who have tv ads.Good Dr.s have lines so long it takes 3 months to get in, if they are taking new patients. Same for lawyers. It is what it is.

    • gozarks Says:

      Yes… ‘it is what it is’… and in the same heartbeat ‘we’ (often inadvertently and with all the very best of intentions) re-create ‘what is’ — even when it is not ‘what we truly want.’

      Our own self-fulfilling prophecies quardon-off our percieved reality… WE attach ‘value’ to the pricetag… oblivious to the (long-proven and clearly outstanding) fact that ‘the best things in life are free.’

      And thus it seems equally absent the comprehension that it is perpetually within our grasp to slay the (false) ‘value’ dragon by the making of quality-driven choices which flow from the core-comprehension that the best outcomes are only possible when each person does what is best for self in concert with what is best for the whole community in which one lives. And until ‘we’ (as expressed by and through the independent actions inherent to our respective day-to-day lives) don this solution as our only garb and sole motivational standard of pro-action, then ‘we’ are ‘the problem’… (((hugs)))

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