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Home to roost… June 19, 2011

My previous rant about “The Power,” addressing the insidious and sublime ‘police state’ mentality and how desensitized ‘we the people’ have become to the unfathomable perils of it, came home to roost here in Arkansas yesterday. But please, let me start at the beginning.

Yesterday, my daughter Shawna and I treated ourselves to a concert-outing. (See poster at right.) It proved to be a pleasant and entertaining ‘family style’ event. Our whole time there, people were smiling and happy. Kids frolicked on an improvised waterslide. Folks visited. Music played. And the sweet-cool evening breeze off the White River bathed us all. Even my daughter ‘had fun’ (and you know how persnickety teenagers are)! For your enjoyment, I have posted a few photos, below.

But sadly, as I hear tell, after my daughter and I headed home, around-about 10pm the local constabulary pulled-up two patrol cruisers in front of the stage and shut the whole shin-dig down. As I understand it, this action was taken resultant of complaints about ‘noise’.

Now I can’t say how loud things got after we left, but while we were there the music was loud enough to be appreciated and not so loud that you couldn’t hear yourself think. And it was, after all, a music festival.  A place where one might expect the drum-beats to reverberate.

I also confess that I have no knowledge about what (if any) ordinances exist in Baxter County that limit the decibel of sound one may issue forth from one’s own private property. And I stress here that this was a private event, accessible only by purchase of a ticket, presented by an independent promoter at a private campground at an ‘end of the road, way-out-of-the-way’ location.

I also don’t know who the people were who filed the complaint and I don’t even know for a fact that a complaint was filed. Everything I know about what happened after Shawna and I left is hearsay… though it all comes from trusted sources. 

Still, no matter the facts what I do have is common sense, a strong understanding of what is fair, right and just, and a growing outrage over what ‘we the people’ are subjecting ourselves to in the namesake of ‘doing something good.’  I mean, what are we doing (as a society) when we use ‘police power’ to treat a bunch of harmless, fun-loving families like they are  rowdy-punks having a destructive kegger in somebody-elses woods?

Where are the ‘rights’ of the people who peaceably assembled to enjoy the music? People who were all there voluntarily… who chose to be in a place where people were celebrating… where NO ‘harm’ was being done and no ‘crime’ was being committed. Who honors their rights and those of the musicians who came to perform?

If you are even a wee bit concerned about this, please call the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office ( 6/20/11 CORRECTED: 870-425-7000) and politely ask what ordinance was violated by the folks at the Arkansas Family Music Fest held near Old Joe, Arkansas, on Saturday, June 18, 2011. Then please, let me know what they tell you. In the interim, enjoy the photos…

 The crowd gathered on lawn chairs and snacked from coolers as the musicians played on stage.

One of the several band that entertained during the music festival.

Folks mixed-and-mingled throughout the event.

 The improvised waterslide was an absolute favorite with ALL the kids (young and old)!!!

And there were even totally awesome souvenir T-shirts…

And as already mentioned, my daughter (that’s her, second from the right, with the folks at the Monster Energy Drink booth) had an excellent time.

All in all, it was an event about which the whole community SHOULD HAVE BEEN PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

My fellow Americans… Where are you?  


11 Responses to “Home to roost…”

  1. Day Brown Says:

    Cops abuse rights to create more revolutionaries so there is a further need for their ‘security services’. Which is egzactly how I was recruited.

    • gozarks Says:

      Yes… sadly, officers of the law — who are sworn to ‘protect and secure the peace of the community’ — seem to be (trained to be) oblivious to the concept that each individual has ‘constitutionally guaranteed freedoms’ (such as the right to freely assemble and celebrate ) which no man, woman or government agency has the authority to put asunder. And until ‘we the people’ stand accountable for our own apathy in allowing and thus causing this sad state of affairs to ravage our nation, well… not to worry… as I hear tell, we have a couple of nuclear reactors up near Omaha, Nebraska, on the Missouri River, that are perfectly poised for Mother Nature’s floods to irradiate the whole heartland of the U.S.A. Just think… once all that radioactive water hits the wheat belt, our breakfast cereal will glow in the dark!!! (((hugs)))

  2. Bob Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It was exactly the type of festival we were shooting for, with just the right type of patron – the hardworking American People. Dont worry , we’ll be back in the fall with just the same flavor, same approach, with better neighbors!!

    • gozarks Says:

      As already stated, it was a pleasure being at your event. thank you for having it. I’d love to be your neighbor . Know anybody with a nice river-ranch to trade for a house in Shirley? (((hugs))) ~Christine

  3. David G Hildebrand Says:

    I was one of the neighbors, Bob was taking about. I didn’t have any problem with the concert, I only wished I was informed what they intended to use my property for parking. The camp ground people, also told my neighbor that they call me and it was ok to used my property, which was not true, no one called me or asked for permission. Over all I think the concert when well, and this neighbor did not make any complain to the police. David H. 84 Rio lane AK.

    • gozarks Says:

      Thank you for your comments and explanations, David. In my experience, this kind of open communication is ‘the way’ to clear things up. I, too, thought the concert went well… especially for a ‘first event’. And I say this in context of having been the producer of a variety of sizeable events. From that perspective, if there was one ‘fault’ I would find with the event, it was (what I would consider) a lack of ‘advance notice’ (which tends to result in miscommunication). And yet this is somewhat typical of a ‘first event’ and especially prevalent in ‘small’ communities where all those involved with the planning of an event ‘do truly believe’ that everyone else in town *knows* everything that is going on and that anyone who wants to is welcome to jump on the bandwagon. And really, this is a ‘problem’ so easily solved .

  4. […] the Arkansas Family Muisc Fest held near Old Joe, Arkansas, on Saturday, June 18, 2011. (See: Home To Roost) And they are […]

  5. Rob Says:

    This whole thread started with a story about the cops “shutting down” a concert at 10pm. I was there, nothing stopped, nothing changed, the cops came, could do nothing and the music went on until 12:30am and ended with fireworks. So as a concert attendee my rights weren’t violated like you assume they were. Does another citizen have the right to call the cops? I suppose so. Do the cops have a right to come out and stop a concert? Apparently not, although you’ve assisted a rumor that says they did. Check your “trusted sources” better next time, so you can rant about facts instead of “stories”. You can certainly find many factual instances where the government is slowly becoming more intrusive into every American’s life. A better question is why hasn’t this Bob guy, who sounds like he put on the concert, corrected this story?

    • gozarks Says:

      I just spoke again with a man who stayed-over all night at the festival. He reaffirmed that the music was shut down at 10pm by two uniformed officers. He elaborated that many people remained on the grounds and that fireworks were shot-off, but that the ‘music festival’ was stopped. However, I shall continue looking into this… but note for the record that I have personal knowledge of the man who reported this incident to me, and I haven’t a clue who you are… thus as a good journalist, I must wonder if perhaps you are not the rumor monger…???

      • Rob Says:

        Hmmm…ok, my bad. I was in a boat in the river….I could see the cops show up…..but couldn’t see them when they were down by the stage. There was a lull in the music, but there was music after the cops left, so I assumed the cops didn’t stop it. So, if you say it wasn’t coming from the performers, OK. But there was still music playing, from what source I can’t say. Like I said, from where I was, I couldn’t see the stage. So, you’re right, I’m wrong.

      • gozarks Says:

        Given the circumstances, I can easly understand how you got a different sense of what had transpired than I was told. And I do appreciate your acknowledgement that my report was substantively correct. As I understand it, there was still music playing (from a radio or CD player) after the band was dismissed… and that there was a lot of noise making going on, in part as a ‘protest’ to officers shutting down the stage. I also must acknowledge that the event promoter has not been highly communicative with me of late, though he was very forthcoming early on. However, this may be of necessity due to contraints on his time or for other reasons, so I’m not willing to make any snap judgements.

        Also, I agree with you that there are “many factual instances where the government is slowly becoming more intrusive into every American’s life” — and the way I have come to look at this is two-fold:

        First, there is only one time and place that we (the people) have absolute power and authority to take immediate action, and that is right here, right now, in our own backyards.

        Second, metaphorically speaking, if you want the whole beach to be sparkling clean, you polish every single grain of sand…

        Like the old saw about minding the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves, it is my strong opinion that the most effective way to roll-back the (insidious) ‘police state mentality’ is to nip it in the bud at every (little) opportunity… thus with the festival, as we have now established as fact that the live performance was shut down, why is there NO ‘police report’ on this? This is the real crux of the matter to me, because NOT ‘documenting’ actions taken with law enforcement authority is prima-facia evidence of the existence of a ‘daddy knows best’ authoritarian dictatorship…. which ‘we the people’ should not tollerate for a nano-second…

        Again, thanks for adding to the pool of facts. Ultimately, the truth will prevail and make us all free…. (((hugs))) ~Christine

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