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Animal deaths, HAARP, and earthquakes February 19, 2011

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February 28: Another quake in Arkansas

February 19: This link goes to one of the more thoughtful and scientifically well-reasoned explanations for the odd circumstances of animal deaths which plagued Arkansas (and other places) earlier this year.  In geology, it is understood that as stresses shift within the earth’s mantle and pressures change, there may be escapes of large volumes of gasses from the deep regions of the earth. Normally associated with volcanic eruptions, this outgassing of CO2, Methane and other gasses which are toxic by nature to many living things, could certainly have had something to do with the extinctions… and sure seems a whole lot more plausible than some of the other potential explanations I’ve heard… yet still, this would not account for the ‘single specie’ aspect of this weird scenario or diagnose the cause, if there is one, beyond ‘natural occurrences’ for the ongoing earthquake activity we have been experiencing — which many now seem to be attributing (at least in part) to injection wells (where waste-water from shale-gas fracking is disposed) and some see in relationship to geologic aftereffects of the Gulf oil spill.

And for the ‘conspiracy theorists’ there is an explanation that links all of these incidents together, alleging that the events are side-effects and/or intentional consequences of technology known as HAARP. Click here for a youtube example of such theories.

All of which is well and good, at least from the perspective of interesting, but none of which addresses the fundamentals of the underlying questions: Is there a trend in motion here that we should be particularly aware of? If such a trend seems to be in motion, are there predictable consequences that we could mitigate or preclude by taking fore-warned actions to ensure health and well-being? And if the answers lean to ‘yes’… then in light of this knowledge, what are the actions we could or should be taking right now?

Also note: The above ‘formula for success’ applies pretty-much to all things… (((hugs)))