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Oh happy day… May 26, 2010

My having been terribly remiss posting updates to this page, I make here amends with my current rant to all those who seem to believe that complaining and criticizing are equal to ‘doing something good’:

While I appreciate your vigorous campaign for the way you think things ought to be done and your perpetual tirade  against the atrocities being perpetrated upon all of us by our failed (governmental/corporate) systems, it must be noted that your persistent point of view is adversarial. That is, as you express yourself, you seem to see life as an ‘us against them’ battle for superiority.

Respectfully, I strongly disagree with this tenet and am uninterested to debate my position. Either folks ‘get it’ -or- they don’t. Either they seek and desire to come together with a unified voice and take the high ground in support of self-responsible ‘reasonableness’, or they don’t. And there is absolutely nothing that I (or anyone) can do to change this. Their choice of action is entirely up to them.

At the same time my position deserves to be clearly understood. That is, I am convinced that things have gotten worse over the last 30 years because of our acceptance and practice of ‘adversarial actions’ as a means of resolving anything. Thus respectfully, I do not wish to, and therefore will not, waste precious time in confrontation, and in fact I reject the idea that adversarial confrontation is necessary, normal or best.

While I am critically aware that freedom isn’t free, from my perspective the high cost of liberty is paid by each individual in the activity of reasoning together, being tolerant of others points of view, making the effort (and it is a HUGE one) to connect with others in hubs of like-minded-ness and work diligently together (sometimes through spirited, respectful and well-reasoned debate) to discover and agree upon viable solutions that really do, in some significant and tangible way, make life better for everyone.

In this regard, I welcome all who wish to have a thoughtful, deliberative, substantive, respectful and provocative conversation on just about any topic.  For starters, how about joining the conversation on Facebook at Arkansans for Medical Cannabis…!!!  Thanks!!!